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Researcher 2.0: presenters and titles

List of likely speakers at the Researcher 2.0 workshop 10 Feb 2009

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Patrick McAndrew
8 February 2009

Preliminary list of speakers and titles (subjet to change)


  • Patrick McAndrew: Building a research network for open learning
  • Grainne Conole: Exploring by doing - Being a 2.0 researcher
  • Martin Weller: Digital Scholarship
  • Eileen Scanlon: Scientists behaving differently: new ways of working from the science community
  • Doug Clow: Digital publishing and journals


  • Martyn Cooper: research bids 2.0
  • Shailey Minocha: Second life research
  • Kim Issroff: Business Models for OER and researching Web 2.0
  • Chris Pegler:OER beyond the OU, making connections and spotting (research challenging) opportunities

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Martyn Cooper
4:46am 9 February 2009

I was going to speak on support for research bids 2.0 but am happy to present on Accessibility/Pedagogy instead or as well.





Patrick McAndrew
1:14pm 9 February 2009

Thanks Martyn - now fixed the title in the list.

Patrick McAndrew
10:29pm 12 February 2009

Slides are now available for these presentations on slideshare.



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