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Searching OER related to inclusion, special education, accessibilities, universal design for learning

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Ida Brandão
17 February 2013

I've posted in Google Groups some searches on the repositories suggested in OLDS MOOC WEEK 6.

I didn't find much material on the search expressions:  inclusion, special education, accessibilities, universal design for learning. In my searches I come across some interesting learning objects though not directly rellted to what I was looking for.

Here are the results of some searches I made:


search: «web accessibilities» - Universal Design for Access and Equity -

OER Commons -

search: «accessibilities» - Perkins webcasts for visual impairments - ; Conversations: A Personal Reflection About Deafblindness - 


search: «universal design for learning» - 

«Designing Adaptable Learning Resources with Learning Object Patterns» (2005) -

       search: «educational resources software»- simulator on Genetics -   

University Learning = OCW+OER -

search: «universal design for learning» took me in seconds to a long list of videos on UDL (the Google search is very effective) - Though I was familiar with many of the videos listed these webinars from Univ Maryville, St Louis were new to me -   

Univ Oxford podcasts -

search: «global warming» - impacts on Northeast Brazil -


search: «accessibility» - found a module on Accessibility of eLearning -  

OCW Consortium -

search: «special needs» - redirected to Univ Nottingham open course Thinking about Dyslexia -


search: «universal design for learning» - led to Universal Design Education website - 

JISC Digital Media took me to:

      UbuWeb where I found a precious audio recording of late '20, Bertold Brecht singing two songs from "Die Dreigroschenoper" - - a creative video - Necessities of life - 

British Universities Film & video - Univ. Warwick - browsing at random - Celebrating Dockens -

BBC - Adam Curtis the Medium and the Message - Rupert Murdoch; a portrait of Satan - 

Gutenberg Project (free ebooks)

search: «education» - Dr. Montessori's own handbook - 


search: «learning difficulties» - Academic Achievement and Social Functioning of Children With and Without Learning Difficulties - 


search: educational technology - Cool tools: Digital Badges -

Introduction to OER - 

WikiEducator - It provides a list of OER Repositories - - some of which are recommended in the guidelines for this week in OLDS MOOC.

Open Educational Resorces Infokit - It povides a list of repositories - OERs  

OER Dynamic search - It povides a list of repositories -  

I would suggest other repositories that are public domain, such as: 



Internet Archive UNESCO -

The Open Video Project - 


Petrucci Music Library - 

British library sounds - 

Free Play Music - ( )

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Marion Manton
8:59am 19 February 2013

Thanks for sharing Ida, I think it is definitely true that looking for very specific things can be frustrating, of then the most efficient way to work with OER is to keep a record of good things you find when you come across them and then use them when you have a need.  The biggest single thing I use are images.

Ida Brandão
12:31pm 19 February 2013

Dear Marion,

I also keep a bank of images of my own on my computer and use many thematic aggregators (livebinders, pinterest, vidque, etc). As for presentations I use PREZI and sometimes I have embeded stuff that I may look for later on.

I must confess that if I find something interesting (in spite of copyright) I use it with the respective source identification, namely for sharing with others. It depends on the context we use. I may be more careful in specific situations

I think that many repositories have no efficient search engines and we risk to waste much time looking for things that may be not worth the effort.

What I find most frustrating in some repositories is to introduce specific terms for the search and get results that have no relation with what I'm searching. 


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