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Itana Gimenes
18 February 2013

I will give an example of how I have used OER to prepare a course, not actually related to the resources I found to my MOOC project because I didn't find them very useful.

In the course about OER I gave this year which you can find at I have reused several avaible resources. They helped a lot to illustrate the course. You can see in Page 12 that I used the vimeo video about Open Education which is very good and colourful. Works very well even for non-english speakers. In page 20 I gave an example of remix based on slides of a professor of Cambridge and You Tube video of Grady Booch. In page 34, I have used Creative Common video about the license. This course was supported but a book chapter which is in

I think OER has made the life of a lecturer much easier. It takes more time to review longer material and produced new OER and one has to have a motivation to do that.

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Marion Manton
10:24am 18 February 2013

Hi Itana, thanks for this, one of the key questions when we were working with language tutors, was what are OER in other languages - at least I now know in Portugese it is Recursos Educacionais Abertos (REA), now just need to find this out for French, Spanish, German, Greek....

Itana Gimenes
1:40pm 18 February 2013

Hi Marion,

Thanks, we´ve articulating a community here in Brazil and there several ongoing initiatives. Do contact me if you need any information. I was willing to participate of the Convergence Fish Bowl, but time has change this weekend and I´ll be in a Viva board.


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