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My week 6 learning and reflections (Sheila MacNeill)

failure to launch?

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Sheila MacNeill
18 February 2013

After a spur of activity last week I'm back to my usual confessional stance in the cloud. Not seeked or deployed but maybe this is a minor launch.

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It's Wednesday and the convergence session has just finished. Very interesting hour and I created the wordle above from my very rough notes of the topics covered.

I've not really engage this week, partly because lots of people I work with do lots on OER and I have a bit of a passing interest in it too. However I did take some time yesterday to watch all the videos Dave and Marion made. Really useful set of resources for anyone new to the whole OER thing.  Again what has been highlighted for me this week is the contradication of open practice, sharing and the reality of using/creating OERs. One the one hand both are undeniably "good things" but practice around using and creating open resources still needs to be developed.   The convergence session was particularly useful I thought in terms of discussing the practicalities of creating open resources, licence issues, fair use, closed and open learning classrooms/environments. Also in terms of raising issues of open practice and general digital literacy skills around sharing and citation and using licences.

Context again came through strongly in terms of the question on the google doc about protecting the integrity of your design when using content not specifically designed for it, and also just generally in terms of finding appropriate content.  But this issue isn't just confined to OERs - it applies to all content.  It can take time to find content that is appropriate to use, and searching can take you down many cul-de-sacs and dead ends.

I'm enrolled on 3 MOOCs at the moment - all of which are using OERs but all have different levels of access. #oldsmooc is probably the most open in terms of accessing the course content and structure, #edcmooc is part of Coursera so you have to register to login to see the course content and structure (although all the resources are openly available) Conversely  #LAK13 although using the Canvas VLE has openly available pages with the links to its content and course strucutre (no log in needed). 

Things that are running through my mind are "open by default", "degrees of open-ness" and developing ways to encourage teachers to be confident about sharing and re-use. Not just in terms of confidence in finding/usign appropriate licences but more generally in terms of sharing their designs and thoughts. Which I suppose is at the heart of what this course is all about.

Also brought to mind this post I wrote last year after a wee "open education" spree I had






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Marion Manton
2:24pm 19 February 2013

Thanks for this post, I think you bring out well how quickly all things open get complicated when you start looking at it closely but also some of the ways we need to start thinking about moving on. I left the session worried we'd made it all seem too hard, and I do want to address this when I sum up the week...something to look forwad to tomorrow. 

On a related note as I typed this I heard Dave W on skype in the background (no idea who with) talking about "how I learned to stop worrying and love new forms of open practice" I have no idea of the context but I am hoping to get there.

Sheila MacNeill
2:31pm 19 February 2013

Hi Marion

It is hard isn't it?  I always worry about OER ghetto-ising itself and OER people only talking to OER people in terminology only they understand . . .and the rest of us just running away because it all seems far too complicated.  Looking foward to your post tomorrow and thanks again for great session today and really  useful set of resources.



Peter Miller
9:22pm 19 February 2013

Same with the virtual worlds stuff -- danger of retreating into an esoteric niche/echo chamber.

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