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Participatory Media Teaching and Learning Resources

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Art Oglesby
18 February 2013

Participatory Media Teaching and Learning Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning modules that are available for reuse. By standing upon the shoulders of giants, we can reach further than if we attempt to reinvent our own learning modules.

Howard Rheingold has created Participatory Media Teaching and Learning Resources with a CC BY-NC 3.0 US license which I will be reusing.

I am creating a personal learning environment (PLE). I am inviting others to join with me to experience participatory learning as demonstrated by Howard Rheingold. I will also encourage participants to read this Peeragogy Handbook. Mozilla is currently drafting a White Paper on Web Literacies, too.

I got a deal on hosting at BlueHost recently ($3.50/mo) and purchased the domain for about $10/yr. I am using WordPress as a content management system and for blogging and have also installed forum, wiki, and Moodle software within this website. So for less than $5/mo I am able to provide a playground where I intend to learn by doing - hopefully along with others. 


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