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My Reflection of MOOC Week 6 (Jane Nkosi)

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Jane Nkosi
21 February 2013


Week 6 is entitled curate which implies having to choose from a wide menu of resources. The central theme this week was copyright, licensing and use of open educational resources. This brought to focus the importance of understanding educational practices in order not to violate the copyright and licensing of these resources. The next important issue for me was how openness and sharing resources promotes self- growth and professional development. As I learn from these resources, I am able to think back to my designs and teaching practice and think about how to improve for what I do.


In higher education we encourage students to be original in their thinking and to acknowledge information that is not originally theirs. So this concept is not completely new.  With this in mind, I had to ask myself how does this module apply to what my own practice and context? Are we doing enough to? This week opened that window to see how “free” and “open” is guided by certain practices and conditions such as:

  • Attribution – giving credit to the original author
  • Non-commercial – material may not be used for commercial purposes
  • ShareAlike – if material is altered it can only be distributed under a license identical to the original

Finding resources

I found it a bit of a challenge to search and identify resources I could use without adaptation. I moved from site to site to find “usable” material for my design. This exercise took me back to week 2 where we discussed the importance of context in learning design. In my search I found that most of the resources needed some adapting to suit my context.  I did, however, find useful resources from the following links

1.                 Curriki at http://

  1. Connexions  at http://
  2. OER Commons at


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