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Jeff Waistell: evaluation decisions and evaluation questions

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Jeff Waistell
21 February 2013

My list of evaluation decisions concerning my prototype learning design:

Should the content identified for this learning design be expanded, reduced, or remain the same? I think that it will - and should - grow, as the sustainability MOOC was originally conceived as a MOOOL (massive, ongoing, open, online learning) that would be for learning, discussion and campaigning.

Should any media incorporated into the learning design be expanded, reduced, or remain the same? The same principle applies, as above. With growth of involvement, the media will also grow - and this will be self-determined by participants.

Once the learning design is completed, how can we best share it with others? The aim is to use social media and traditional media to draw attention to this innovative hybrid of learning, discussion and environmental action.

What strategies can we identify to maintain our learning design in the future? The key strategy is to use ongoing, developing environmental catastrophes as a means to maintain interest and participation.

My evaluation questions to YOU:

To what extent, if any, do YOU recommend the above?

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Tom Reeves
10:46pm 21 February 2013

You addressed each of the example decisions listed in the Week 7 - Evaluate webpage. But these were intended as examples only.  The real challenge is to identify the actual decisions that you face as you engage in the design of the Sustainability MOOC.  It is my experience that most designers struggle with identifying decisions, but that it is well worth the effort to do so.  It is also useful to do these with others, using some sort of brainstorming process. Can you gather a small group of creative people who are interested in the proposed Sustainability MOOC to think of some of the decisions you’ll be facing as the design and development of the MOOC move forward?

I don’t know enough about the Sustainability MOOC to identify clear and relevant decisions at this time. But here is a feeble attempt:

-       Should the Sustainability MOOC utilize a similar set of tools (e.g., Cloudworks, Google Docs, and Twitter) as are being used in the OLDS MOOC? Or should an alternative platform be identified?

-       Who should be involved in setting up this MOOC other than whoever is currently involved?

-       Should external funding be sought for the development of this MOOC?

-       Should the Sustainability MOOC seek sponsors to participate in its development such as the World Wildlife Fund or the Turner Endangered Species Fund?

-       Should the Sustainability MOOC be targeted for certain age groups?

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