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Will Pollard - Radio Show about Design Science DJ

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Will Pollard
22 February 2013

This is added to the Dreambazaar during the evaluation week. It revises the aims of the video edit project but is in the same direction. There was a show this Thursday and the next one may be much the same, but improved once we work out the tests.

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Yishay Mor
4:18pm 22 February 2013

Hi Will, 

You added this to the "evaluation targets" cloudscape - can you specify your evaluation desicions and questions for this project?


Will Pollard
4:43pm 22 February 2013


Sorry, I added the wrong one. I think the right one is now in this. Sorry also they are so brief. I am trying to follow the format and losing my train of thought as it happens. There will be some detail later.

Can you remove this cloud from tthe evaluations targets cloudscape? not sure how to do this.




Will Pollard
12:58pm 2 March 2013

Couple of blog links to extracts from two shows

more later on how this links to the course.

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