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Will Pollard: evaluation decisions and evaluation questions

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Will Pollard
22 February 2013

Previously on the video project I arranged to show a blog prototype to people at Phonic FM. This worked ok in getting permission to load Crerative Commons versions of video, but the actual coursework turned out to be about basic editing. So I think the course content needs revision. Meanwhile more work needed on a radio show about Design Science and the DJ. Next week will be much like this week but improved. Still working out how to test the design. More later when edited highlights will be online.

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Yishay Mor
11:57pm 22 February 2013

Hi Will,

What do you want to test when you test the design? What are the key parameters that you want to optimise?


Will Pollard
9:04am 25 February 2013

The aim of the prototype was to explain how to choose Creative Commons as an option in YouTube. When Diana Laurillard mentioned Design = Test = Redesign I wondered at the time how the test was done. One option was to talk about the prototype with people the course is intended for. So I did this with two presenters on Phonic FM ( the benefit performances are a prime case for mixing sounds and camera angles) . It turned out that one was not the video tech person in his situation but was quite ok about Creative Commons. Another did some clips on an iPhone from a recent Phonic Party but did not want the music on his YouTube channel for any length of time ( he is very particular about specific styles) .  So in both cases I have just borrowed the content through unofficial means but with permission as I see it. The blog with screenshots works ok, as fed back from comment on cloud. But the priority for this is changing. So i think the parameter is the link between Creative Commons awareness and specific step-by-step explanation.

Meanwhile i have added to the DreamBazaar a radio show about design science. We did one last Thursday and intend another this week, 10 -12 . We can tell a mike was dead at one point from the silence on the mp3. I may have moved the wrong fader so this will change. Combining bits of sound is easier than video edit and more widely understood, so the basic pattern of Creative Comons - technique continues.

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