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Evaluation Experiences - corporate environment

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Ann Davis
23 February 2013

In a corporate environment, there are often many different types of evaluation depending on the course type (face-to-face, virtual classroom, web-based training), the target audience, the course length, and the desired learning outcome.  All of these factor into the evaluations that may be done for a course.

Some of the evaluations may be:

  • Accuracy - is the content correct?
  • Grammar and style - does the content reflect correct grammar and standard presentation styles?
  • Functional - does the course function correctly? 
  • Length - is the course too long or too short
  • Audience - what is the optimal audience size, and who should take the course.

In addition, Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of evaulation may also be used.  My own summary:

  1. Level 1 - Reaction.  A series of questions that asks the students what they thought of the content.
  2. Level 2 - Learning.  Confirmation that the content was learned. May be final test (written, oral, or demonstration).
  3. Level 3 - Behavior. As a result of taking the class, did the student's behavior change in some manner?  Usually done by observation.
  4. Level 4 - Results.  As a result of the course, what was the benefit to the company or organization.  This is often measured in cost (time, money, effieiency).

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Yishay Mor
7:03pm 23 February 2013

Hi Ann,

Can you share an example of a specific situation where you were involved in evaluation of this sort?


Ann Davis
3:37pm 2 March 2013

Hi Yishay,

As far as Kirkpatrick's levels, the majority of all courses created have L1 and L2 evaluations.  There are exceptions for courses for which these are not necessary.  An example might be a new corporate policy; the requirement for the learner is simply might be that they read the policy. I have not done an L3 or L4 in several years, primarily because of the business units within the company that I currently support.  However, an example of a course that might be appropriate for L3 and L4 evaluations might be refresher training for salespeople on a particular product.  You can look at the student 30/60/90 days afterwards to see if their sales have increased and as a result, the monetary benefit to the company.

As far as the first set of items I listed, again, the majority of courses will have these types of evaluations.


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