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Evaluation Experiences - corporate environment

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Ann Davis
23 February 2013

In a corporate environment, there are often many different types of evaluation depending on the course type (face-to-face, virtual classroom, web-based training), the target audience, the course length, and the desired learning outcome.  All of these factor into the evaluations that may be done for a course.

Some of the evaluations may be:

  • Accuracy - is the content correct?
  • Grammar and style - does the content reflect correct grammar and standard presentation styles?
  • Functional - does the course function correctly? 
  • Length - is the course too long or too short
  • Audience - what is the optimal audience size, and who should take the course.

In addition, Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of evaulation may also be used.  My own summary:

  1. Level 1 - Reaction.  A series of questions that asks the students what they thought of the content.
  2. Level 2 - Learning.  Confirmation that the content was learned. May be final test (written, oral, or demonstration).
  3. Level 3 - Behavior. As a result of taking the class, did the student's behavior change in some manner?  Usually done by observation.
  4. Level 4 - Results.  As a result of the course, what was the benefit to the company or organization.  This is often measured in cost (time, money, effieiency).

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