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Evaluation plan for OER module for teacher training

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Ida Brandão
23 February 2013

Evaluation Plan

OER module for teacher training

Introduction and Background

This evaluation plan follows similar procedure of the course «Inclusion and Accessing Technology», developed in the scope of an European project.   

The partners agreed to adapt it to their national context and validate it on different modalities, on a tutor base and on a self-study approach. In either case, each partner will have to present a report with the results of the evaluation. 

One of the partners has already validated the course with a group of 23 SEN teachers, belonging to a network of ICT Resources Centres for Special Needs, who acted as participants and as evaluators at the same time. 

A pair of facilitators conducted the course on a peer base and dialog with the participants. 

This OER module will be added to the course and will be delivered as a single learning unit as well. This issue will be discussed with the european partners, according to the following plan.


The purposes of the evaluation are to improve the new module according to suggestions from the point of view of participants. 

The module will follow a formative evaluation as the previous course did. The participants will be SEN teachers that will act as participants and evaluators as well. 

Assessment of participants - the teachers had to create an eportfolio and gather the assignments of each topic (4 topics), a technical forum to discuss difficulties with tools (the use of some Web. 2.0 tools were required) and a thematic forum for each topic were open. 

At the end, the participants who fulfilled all tasks received a certificate as validators of the course.


Two groups of participants/evaluators will be involved.

  1. Teachers      that have SEN pupils in their classes
  2. SEN teachers belonging to the ICT Resources Centres for special needs.

Decisions and Questions

Each european partner will decide in which modality (tutor-based, self-study) to run the course and/or just the OER module.

Each partner will decide which target teachers to involve.

Each partner will adapt the new module (translate/replace resources, adapt activities).

Each partner will apply the evaluation method and tools agreed so that a final report may be produced and eventual comparisons and conclusions will be extracted.


The participants will be informed of the evaluation purposes and the need for their feedback along the course/learning unit and, in particular, at the end with their feed-back on an evaluation forum of discussion and an online questionnaire.  


The participants from whom data will be collected for the evaluation are identified.  The
facilitators will also be evaluators themselves.


The former course was run in Moodle Platform and the final topic focused on the course evaluation with a forum with several lines of discussion.

An evaluation questionnaire was produced in Moodle and replied by each participant.

The same instruments may be used and eventually adapted once more.


The evaluators will be teachers, it won’t be possible to involve other professionals, graphic designers, ICT experts, researchers.

Logistics and time

The final evaluation report will integrate the national reports of each partner.

A report template will be agreed and followed.

An English version of the course/OER module is provided and each partner will make the necessary adaptations to each context.

The evaluation questionnaire will be provided as well and translated to each language.

The final report will have to be delivered till the end of 2013, therefore each partner will have to plan and validate the course/OER module within that deadline.


Each partner has a European budget for the whole project, but no specific expenses are devoted to course evaluation. 

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