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Evaluation targets Jane Nkosi

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Jane Nkosi
24 February 2013

My Evaluation targets.

When thinking about my design and how to evaluate it I couldn’t  help but think about  content, learning outcomes, tools and the interface. The main question I would like to answer is how effective is the design in promoting learning and autonomy.  I divided my targets into the following categories:

Interface :

  1. Should the interface of the OER be redesigned?

Learning outcomes:

  1. Should learning outcomes be improved?


  1. Should more practice activities be added to the design?
  2. Should the learning activities be increased?


Should the tools be improved?

 6. Questions


  • Is the interface user interface user-friendly?
  • Is it easy to navigate the learning platform?
  • Is it easy to understand icons?
  • Is the colour friendly to the eyes?

 Learning Outcomes

  • Are learning outcomes clearly stated?
  • Do they cover the domains of Bloom’s taxonomy?


  • Is the content comprehensive?
  • Are the activities varied to cater for different learning styles?
  • Are the activities engaging to the learners?
  • Is the content aligned to the curriculum?
  • Is the content self-paced enough to allow for learner autonomy?


  • Are the tools provided accessible?
  • Should the tools be increased

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