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Evaluation Targets - Helen Whitehead [NOOC]

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Helen Whitehead
26 February 2013

I've been working with this particular design all through OLDSMOOC but haven't posted much about it as it hasn't always been at the right stage at the right time.

We started out with an idea for a module for our student Award programme (credits gained on top of degree credits  to enhance skills and employability, among other things) and a colleague developed two learning designs for a 10 credit and a 20-credit module.  These were combined so that the learning design could accommodate both at once.

We then added open online elements so that the module could also be studied along MOOC lines, without credit. The next iteration of the learning design accommodated that.

We then evaluated the learning design.  Prototyping will happen next week with a group who will then facilitate the course.

Evaluation decisions include (with comments):

  • Is the content appropriate for the needs of all types of student? Should the content be adapted  and/or do we need find new content?

Our content is built around open educational resources which are themselves excellent, but we are tweaking them and adding extra readings etc. to suit

  • Are there any likely student expectations that we haven’t yet met? If so, how do we address them? Do we need to add different types of media or different activities? 

We’ve added more video, for a start!

  • To what extent do we need to use social media channels? How do we choose appropriate ones?

Blogging and Twitter are certain, especially as facilitators have expertise in these. Blogs are being built into the design and assessment. Moodle is being used as the Hub for the course. Do we need Facebook? Social bookmarking? Google groups? Google +? My gut feeling is to keep it straightforward, not least so that measurement is easier (cf the oldsmooc_conv discussion this Tuesday)

  • Have we succeeded in meeting the constructive alignment criteria? Does the content and the assessment align with the learning outcomes for all three groups of students? Is there anything further we need to do to ensure this?

We tweaked the design to add more activities and assessment for the 20 credit module.

  • Should we put in further opportunities for evaluation of the design? Do we need to know more?

We will need to bear this in mind. I am leaning towards a mid-course questionnaire and an end questionnaire, plus identifying students to ask for fuller feedback at the end.

  • How should we manage assessment?

It will be more formal, done by tutors, in the case of the credit-taking students, but for the open learners, it’s probably going to be necessary to use peer assessment. What tools can we use for this?

The open educational resources have within them suggestions for assessment activities, but we have not necessarily identified the same ones so we will need to make it very clear to participants which are the actual assessments.

  • Should we offer Open Badges as an incentive for participants to complete the module?

Probably we won’t do this during the pilot, as there are larger issues related to this, and the timescale makes it difficult. It’s something for the future.

It's been a very thoughtful week coming up with and thinking about these decisions, and because launch is imminent we are acting on thems traightaway. As it's a pilot we'll be evaluating throughout and tweaking later weeks as well as making plans for the next one.

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