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Design narrative template

Cloud created by:

Yishay Mor
27 February 2013

Create a cloud in the Week 8 cloudscape, with your design narrative. 

Your narrative can be as long or as short as you can afford, but it is important that you post something. If you used your blog or site for your design narrative, then cleate a cloud with a link to that so that others can find it, comment on it, and favorite it.

You can use one of the templates below, post the outcome to google docs or slideshare,  and embed the resulting page in a cloud. Or you can copy and paste the headings bellow to your cloud.

If you can, it would be useful for you and for us if you took the time to recount the story of your journey through OLDS MOOC. But even a quick "scrapbook" would do - a list of links, signposting various blog posts / clouds which reflect your journey.

Recommended headings (S.T.A.R.R template):


Where are you coming from? What is the context in which you are working and participating in OLDS MOOC?


What did you hope to achieve? What were your goals in joining OLDS MOOC? 


What did you do? What were the main events, interactions, practices and activities in which you participated? What were the obstacles - and how did you tackle them?


What were the outcomes of your participation? Did you meet your goals? What went well, what didn't? What unexpected outcomes did you notice?


What did you learn? What advice could you give others?

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