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If you don't give it a title what hapoens?

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Jonathan Vernon
28 February 2013

I have been so immersed in e-learning these last few weeks that I am dreaming about it - and not to waste the opportunity I am blogging about the dream as I was in a digital ocean of my own making. Indeed for the last three years I have described Web 1.0 as a digital ocean and Web 2.0 as a universal water-cyle that includes clouds, river systems and oceans. Context and personality is all in relation to my activity in the OLDs MOOC. I have just completed the OU's Masters in Open & Distance Education. End of Module Assignment went off on Jan 17. I wanted to do H817 to bring H807, also on innivations in e-learning as it was somewat rusty in content - too long on the ocean and more obvious to someone who was working in a web agency producing web-based learning for the Department of Health and FT knowledge in 2001. In all of this I would have been the senior producer or web editor - words and content rather than learning design or programming. OLDs MOOC would help bring things into focus and contrast the fast turn around of one or two hour e-learning for corporates such as Virgin, Lloyds Bank and KPMG. The pattern of activity is largelly the same with some nodes of activity reduced, some increased, while evaluation, quality assurance, proof reading and testing happened at several stages from beginning to end - I would proof read proposal documents at one end then pick up what we called the wireframe, that take spots of interest in the build in a wiki like platform as a group of six or so colleagues built the thing. I'd test inhouse, then test again once the content is on the client server. More of the same in Brighton, something of a cluster of e-learning compsnies, was on the cards until conversations with friends and indications of how I might continue had me thinking about doctoral research. I pressed on each week with the activities just as I do with the OU - have a fair stab at it all, team up, comment and collaborate. I grab screens, take photos and blog at every opportunity. My ideas for design were too off the edge to attract interest but I found a home and four or more of us got on with this. A few things happened or kept hapenning. I don't know how to describe it but I am always lost in Cloudworks. It isn't even cloudlike in the sense of a fluid, vibrsnt system, rather, I'm affraid it has been more like a visit to Macro at Killingworth New Town outside Newcastle upon Tyne. An urban environment but little sense of anyone being there. I've been blogging since 1999 and even then tended to get a reciprocal response to comments I left on my stuff. Between three of us, and then two, we wrote and exchanged in Google Docs and then by email. More often thsn not others would cut and paste my content in as I was broken down in a cul de sac somewhere. Still, the last MOOC I did felt like standing in Liverpool station during a six month ling rush hour wearing an invisibility cloak. The other reason I needed to put my efforts elsewhere is that I started OU Module H808 Practice-based research in educational technology. Forking out £1250 tends to focus the mind especially as meat, alcohol, and most travel has been ditched to cover this. So, detailed blogs for weeks 1-4 or to 5 while following closely since saving emails, reading bosts, and saving links all for a return later this year. Several times 'the penny dropped' so from a Design point of view I have much to build on even though I suspect I will continue to be employed as a consultsnt, project manager and writer however much I would like to play with the Lego myself.

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oerhaps it is because I am doing this on an IPad but three times I have posted to my cloudscape and all three times I lost the content - the first time because I had no title, the second I simply couldn't find where it had gone ... and now that I've found it it keeps losing the summary I write. I find myself doing a precautionary select all ... even doing a screen grab.

Jonathan Vernon
18:20 on 28 February 2013

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Yishay Mor
9:21am 1 March 2013

Hi Jonathan,

Just to be sure I get it right - is this your design narrative? should I add it to this weeks' cloudscape?


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