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Will Pollard - Week 8 Reflection

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Will Pollard
3 March 2013

This links to blog, staring with Refelction1 about Wild show on Phonic FM. There will be later ones with a longer timescale.

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Art Oglesby
6:53pm 3 March 2013


I agree that getting our personal projects to mesh with the oldsmooc weekly agendas is hard to accomplish.

I got side tracked by your content. I am a huge Bucky Fuller fan. Design can truely change the world. I watched a movie last night where an autistic woman redesigned slaughterhouses so that the cattle were treated with respect and their experience of being led to slaughter was non-traumatic. Even at the moment of their death, they were calm and unafraid. 

I hope we can do as well when designing our learning environments.

A couple questions. I often record public meetings and post them to YouTube. Occasionally I am asked "aren't you going to get permission"? I don't. Only when a council member asks not to be recorded, do I not record. I figure if someone asks that I take down the video, I will. What if someone (or 100 someones) in the audience is in the frame? Do I need written permission? What about with performances? Once, when I posted a band performance they hunted me down and asked if I could post one their more up-beat songs, lol.

Jane Nkosi
9:07am 4 March 2013

Thanks Will for informative narrative. I do agree with you that time is a factor when it comes to design and piloting thoses designs.


Will Pollard
9:49am 4 March 2013

Art, permission to video / make video public is not off topic. The learning design approach seems to welcome recycled content. So is it ok to video anything at a conference, public event? Sometimes it is a problem.

I started with music video at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. There is something about the atmosphere in the summer that allows for shared performance. Like you I find that bands are concerned which songs represent them. A couple of singer songwriters have asked for songs to be removed when theyu no longer represent what they are doing. In general music performance is now ok but I rarely post a complete performance. YouTube helps to sell collections / tickets I think.

In the UK it is still difficult to get permission to video at a gallery, with fine art in background of comment or chat. Not sure why this is. It may change somewhere.


Penny Bentley
9:12pm 7 March 2013

Hi Will

this discussion re permissions reminds me of an incident at a local pool. I was with my class of year 7 students (ages11 to 13) while they were practicing for the school swimming sports. When happily snapping pictures of the kids one of the pool owners approached me and gently reminded me that I was breaking the law. I was horrified and had momentarily forgotten my duty of care as a protect the privacy of minors.

How do you get around this when fiming public events?

I've enjoyed following your OLDSMOOC project, please let me know when you get your head around the true meaning of Design Science :)


Also, thanks for including my "scientific method" chat in your radio show:) I feel honoured:)


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