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Open educational resources as a research challenge

How does researching OER give us new challenges?

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Patrick McAndrew
10 February 2009

The openiess of OER (and other web activitiy) seems to highlight the need to research in new ways? Or do we need to make sure we still apply tried and tested techniques?

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Chris Pegler
1:46pm 10 February 2009

I'm going to be talking on this subject during the OLNET event so if you want to see some of the documents to which I refer they are:


Li Yuan, Sheila MacNeill and Wilbert Kraan, 'OER - Opportunities and CHallenges for Higher Education' (2008)  and Ilkka Tuomi (2006) OER: What they are and why do they matter. Report prepared for OECD.


Both of these are interesting reads. 



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