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Hweeshan's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal: Week 3 - Quick Reflections

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Tay Hwee Shan
5 March 2013

In my task to skim through all the important topics covered within the past 5 weeks that I've missed in this MOOC, I will present a quick reflection of the Week 3 actvities after looking through the materials presented.

First of all, I would like to say that this MOOC presents a wealth of knowledge in Learning Design, even for a newbie like myself. Just by skimming through the materials, I have gained a lot of new knowledge and tools that I would otherwise have not encountered through "common sense" planning. I can't wait to apply those tools to future Learning Design projects that I encounter in the future.

In particular, the Activity Profile tool stood out for me, as it forced me to think about the learner's limited time and resources available when engaging in learning. This is especially applicable to the idea I had earlier on the use of a mobile app to deliver short learning nuggets and activities. Time is of high importance here in designing learning activities within the mobile app, and it would definitely be very helpful for me to think of the design in terms of the time spent on each process. This anchors the design on the learner, and not on introducing novel technologies or features that may or may not enhance the learner's experience, and may even take up extra learning time that could otherwise be spent on the real, productive learning.

This has indeed been an insightful journey so far.

Time to move on to the Week 4 materials... ;)

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