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Hweeshan's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal: Week 4 - Quick Reflections

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Tay Hwee Shan
6 March 2013

Week 4's activities are about the 'teacher-designer". Being in the learning design department in a corporate environment where we design for other "teachers" rather than being the teachers ourselves, this is less relevant to me than the other weeks' topics have been. However, there are still some takeaways from this week's tools that have been presented, particularly the PPC, which in my opinion is an impressive development done to facilitate teachers' interactions with each other, largely in a school environment, where teachers / designers are well-connected to each other on a daily basis.

BOTWOO is a concept that is not new, particularly in the context of computing programing, which is the background I come from. It is definitely better to build on others' work, rather than just build things from scratch every single time, when someone else might have done a better job in laying out the foundations than you. It allows designers to concentrate on what they do best - design, rather than spending too much time figuring out the nitty-gritty details of groundwork. To apply this principle to learning design is a concept that I have yet to come across, but I definitely see a lot of relevance. I look forward to seeing more of such tools made available to teachers / designers, in the field of learning design, to facilitate the derivation of more innovative lesson plans. =)

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