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Sandie Gay
8 March 2013


Where are you coming from? What is the context in which you are working and participating in OLDS MOOC?


This is an incomplete narrative as I wanted to get something up to show that I have been doing something not just lurking....ther's loads that needs adding but anyway....

I am an e-learning consultant and trainer.  When I enrolled on the MOOC, I was e-learning facilitator (aka learning technologist) at Staffordshire University, with particular responsibilities for the Faculty of Health Sciences.  We have just (two days ago) moved to Birmingham so am no longer working at the University but hope to gain work at a local University as soon as I have time to regroup!

My participation in the MOOC has been in the middle of designing and implementing a complete lifestyle change.  Now that the kids are all grown up (mentally independent if not fully financially independent!) we decided it was time to have some fun and move to a city into a 2-bed apartment (from a  5-bed house) which we did on Wednesday this week.  So, what with the move and work and everything else, I have only been able to dip in and out but have been reading all the emails and surfing (or is it lurking) in the clouds. 


What did you hope to achieve? What were your goals in joining OLDS MOOC? 

I wanted to participate in the OLDSMOOC for experience of a MOOC and to learn about learning design as I can use my learning when facilitating course design in my work.  The expectation of technology has always been that it will ‘transform’ learning and teaching and I want to ‘transform’ my own ways of thinking about designing courses and here’s a I write this I have a sudden revelation that we have been talking about learning design and not course design which I have realised already has worked in changing the angle at which we were coming at this learning from.


What did you do? What were the main events, interactions, practices and activities in which you participated? What were the obstacles - and how did you tackle them?

This is a hard one, because the honest answer is not as much as I wanted with the lame excuse of pressures on time but I think I will forgive myself as I was trying to fit in an awful lot of events into a short space of time – decluttering 12 years worth of accumulated possessions, moving and job-seeking being a few of them.

Having got involved in two linked projects from many that were interesting and enticing, the outcome was being involved in one project (sorry Alan) on creating a course on learning design for further education teachers, topslicing through the research and evidence provided in the MOOC.  This was simply because I was able to jump on and help build on the work already started by the project members, Elisabetta Lando and Dan McCafferty, further education learning and teaching is an area I have experience and supported some of the other work I was doing at the time.

The idea was to create a learning design course in Moodle for FE teachers using only a few of the essential resources, frameworks and models discovered and debated in the MOOC.  This was so it was manageable and didn’t involve too many forays into the myriad of tools available. 



What were the outcomes of your participation? Did you meet your goals? What went well, what didn't? What unexpected outcomes did you notice?

The outcome to date is the beginnings of a learning design course based in Moodle for FE teachers following on from a toolkit flowchart created in  The flowchart was based on the 7S model of design for experiential learning and then converting this into a course with suggested tasks and activities for individual or group learning using the templates, resources and links discovered in the MOOC. 

The deadline for the prototype is May when we will encourage a group of FE teachers to evaluate the design by working through the course.  Once it has been tweaked (!) it can be made available (not fully thought out how) as an open course. 


What did you learn? What advice could you give others?

The simple answer here is ‘loads’ but not as much as I could have if I had given it the time it deserved. 

Whilst making and giving time is important, don’t let it put you off because whatever time you can give to it adds to your learning. 


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Yishay Mor
8:00am 9 March 2013

Hi Sandie, Sounds exciting! I can't see the chart - maybe you need to share it? Check out for hosting your course. We're doing something similar in This might also be helpful: Yishay

Sandie Gay
10:49am 9 March 2013

Hi Yishay

Thanks, we hope to keep working on it to produce something useful. I've shared the chart and amended the link above so please try again.

Thank you for the signposts - will check them out.


Simon Walker
2:48pm 9 March 2013

Hi Sandie, sounds like you have a new lease of life! I am interested in your work but I couldnt see the link to: as you need to log in. Is there a way of making it more publicly available?


Sandie Gay
3:33pm 9 March 2013

So, I've shared it and it's come out huge!  I've also shared it with OLDSMOOC Google + group.  I have reached the limit of my transactions on the free account in Lucidchart right now so will have to deal with it later. 

Sorry for the size of the above but at least it's clear......


Sheila MacNeill
9:58am 11 March 2013

Thanks for sharing Sandie

Great to see what you have done from dipping in and out of the course.




Penny Bentley
4:10am 12 March 2013

Hi Sandie well done for creating your chart. I'm viewing it on my iPad and having much fun scrolling around to "get" the big picture. Unfortunately when I zoom to fit it all onto the iPad screen it's way too small for me to see. Your chart would look excellent on a huge piece of butchers paper :). I can see that what you have done is going to be benificial for course planning and implementation. All the best for the tweaking, I look forward to seeing your final product. I've heaps of tweaking to do with my project too :) Penny

Jane Nkosi
7:00am 12 March 2013

Hi Sandie

Thank you for sharing your design narrative. I like the chart presentation. For me is summarises the whole MOOC journey.


Sandie Gay
9:27am 12 March 2013

Thanks Sheila - I'm just thinking how much more I could have added if I had spent more time with the course but as everything is going to continue to be available, we'll just keep working on it a bit at a time till May when we want to test it with a small group of FE teachers.  Can you see any glaring gaps/chasms?

Sorry about the size of the image, Penny.  I will try and reduce it if I can so it's easier to see the whole without losing the detail.  What sort of tweaks are essential and what 'nice to have', do you think, before we launch the prototype?

Yes, I like the visual representation too, Jane.  What should we be ensuring when converting it into the LD course for FE teachers, do you think?  We want it to be a very interactive, hands on course where they come out with something quite tangible as they work through the steps. 


Ida Brandão
4:59pm 13 March 2013 (Edited 5:00pm 13 March 2013)

Hi Sandie,

Visually it's quite colourful, but a little bit confusing. I've never tried LucidChart and I'll give a try. I usually use Gliffy.

I'm also a user of Moodle and I wish I had the permissions and ability to change the traditional blue template we still use in my Department. Moodle is quite common in our schools. Our Open University also uses it. It's quite easy and has the advantage of gathering multiple resources and activities in the same place. As teachers are familiar with it we don't have to waste much time on technicalities.

I still find some advantages using such platforms. The risk of closing down the courses or the communities may happen also with other free platforms.

I'm particularly angry at Posterous (acquired by Twitter), going to close by the end of April and I'll have to transfer two spaces to Wordpress. They could close but should allow people to access what they had uploaded. Multiply also closed but left the access as it was at the time they closed -

I know we are using platforms for free but still they have an ethical duty towards the users.


Yishay Mor
11:05pm 22 May 2014

Hi Sandie,

We're collecting MOOC design narratives - our workshop on Tuesday -

Would you be willing to add yours to our collection?



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