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Luis López-Cano Aguado
12 March 2013

The digital fact is a short film in which you can open a variety of activities such as:

- Proceedings on the issues that the film proposes (technology, human hand in technology, communication, empathy, relationship between men and machines, et cetera...)

- Composition about particular opinions on the issues that the film proposes.

The digital fact is an open short film which give you a chance to reflect and build upon it new developments.

Extra content

This is the digital artifact that I elaborated for the final assignment on the MOOC E-Learning and Digital Cultures (University of Edimburg and Coursera). He reached a good result for me (1.5 points over 2). I tried to do something based in an universal language, so everyone could have the chance to watch it, understand it in a personal mood and choose one of the many senses that it can be taked in. Later, I thought in the activities that we could build upon it. And here it is. I hope you and your students enjoy it. Stay-E

Luis López-Cano Aguado
00:03 on 14 March 2013

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the digital fact

the digital fact

added by Luis López-Cano Aguado


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