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OLDS MOOC Evaluation Plan and Badging Presentation (OU eLearning MOOC Event 2013)

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Simon Cross
13 March 2013

This morning I delivered a 15 minute presentation at the Open University's eLearning MOOC Event. In this presentation I spoke about the Evaluation Plan the project has developed for the OLDS MOOC; the work Rebecca Galley and I have done in researching and developing a badging strategy for the MOOC; and some examples from Twitter of how users have responded to the badges. This presentation followed an introduction to the OLDS MOOC website delivered by Yishay Mor.

As the MOOC ends this week it has been too early to report detailed evaluation findings, however, I'll aim to add links to the evaluation proper as it develops. In the meantime, I have added a SlideShare link to the presentation slides and the OLDS MOOC website. Feel free to use this Cloud to comment on the issues raised in the presentation. Simon  

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