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Penny Bentley
15 March 2013

For working effectively in a learning design team or study group


  • Work effectively in a learning design team or study group
  • Reflect on the process of collaborative design

I started out in a group & team but for a number of reasons I ended up working alone on my #moocskills project. At the prototype stage I had 5 people willing to take part but unfortunately I had to take time away from this MOOC. 

What did happen though, was a conversation on social media...particularly twitter. 

Along with participants such as @paigecuffe, @mbjamieson, @crumphelen, @yvetteinmb, @sheilmcn, @will789gb, @bobridgestearn and OLDS MOOC facilitators such as @joshuau, @gconole, @yishaym and @oldsmooc (whoerer was behind the tweets) there was much help, support, sharing of ideas/links/tips, swapping of food and weather information, late night callouts, crowd-sourcing and general nudging along. 

I also used twitter to crowdsource our understanding of Learning Design using Answer Garden:

And, to conduct a Twtpoll:  (looks like #oldsmooc wins)

I feel we worked as one large design team, social media is a great place for collaboration and mentoring. 


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