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WEEK 9 - Plenary

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Ida Brandão
17 March 2013

Look back at week 1 and the learning objectives you set for yourself. Have you attained these?

  • My intention from the beginning was to keep up, week by week, exploring the resources in OLDS MOOC, to participate in discussions and activities. As from the start we were invited to work on a project and I was professionally working on the creation of an OER module for teacher training I focused on what I could take from OLDS MOOC to enrich this project. My initial intention was to develop workgroup, but soon I realised it wouldn't be easy and it would be time consuming as MOOCs are very intensive, and I couldn't waste much time on this attempt.

Or did you learn something unexpected?

  • Most of the LD models and tools were new to me. It was advantageous to explore  them with a pragmatic purpose.

What are the key messages you take with you?

  • The key message from MOOCs, in general, is that they are a great opportunity to learn and interact with several nteresting people, qualified facilitators and peers, coming from different contexts and countries. Considering Learning Design, I suppose that all the dimensions approached are very important: context, learning outcomes, learners needs, design, resources, copyright issues, building activities, assessment (formative), course evaluation. This global framework and the internal relationships between these dimensions have to be taken into consideration in Design for Learning.

What questions has OLDS MOOC opened up for you to explore in the future?

  • I'll have to dedicate more time to go deeper in the models and tools that were presented in OLDS MOOC and need more time to work on and experiment.

Where would you like to go next?

  • I suppose I'll have to add the accessibility dimension to this framework, since my professional concern and target public are pupils/students with special needs.

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