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ARTiFactor's final reflections (oldsmooc 13)

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Art Oglesby
17 March 2013

Passionate Participatory Making

My dream is to help create a MOOC that will enable world wide Digital Literacy.

  • I envision a map of learning activities for raising ones digital literacy competencies.
  • Learners could jump in at any time, anywhere on the map, and find guidance to master that particular skill set. 
  • The map would be dynamic, continually being improved and expanded, much like in wikipedia.

What I was proposing was a  "project based" "connectivist" creation of a learning space "that that if properly designed could scale to world changing proportions".

Teacher Presence

The daily summaries by Yishay, Peter and Simon were very important to me. By pointing and naming participants contributions we were validated and motivated and inspired. Some MOOCs even enlist "skilled others" to demonstrate disired levels of performance. We learn by watching and mimicking.

Making with Peers

I agree with OLDSMOOC's learning design, creating personally meaningful projects, together with like minded peers. Too bad I have yet to enlist any collaborative peers ("I am not a quitter" though, lol). I will try to design my learning space so as to insure everyone has a supportive partner and that every creative work gets acknowlegment/feedback.

Navigation and Site Map

Although the OLDSMOOC website had detailed descriptions of what to do during the nine weeks many participants seemed disoriented (or even lost, especially in the clouds). I addressed this by offering a navigation tool/discussion cloud. The daily summaries were helpful here, too, by pointing to what might otherwise have been missed.

I think in my learning design, I will have a place where frustrated participants can yell "Help, throw me a lifeline".

Wikis, Forums, Blogging, Badges, and Portfolios

I, too, will design in the creation of these forms of digital artifacts (and identity).


By reading reflections and following links pointed to by like minded participants I have learned first hand how networking continually provides me with new, relevant resouces,  many of which are still evolving. I will be using Mozilla's Open Badges and still have to go back and mine the OER repositories. I will continue to do my part by sharing resources.

Partipatory Learning

I want to especially thank those participants who took time to communicate with me. I realise how this has impacted me. I intend to similarly reach out and participate within the many newly discovered networks that have opened up to me during this course. 

Arthur Oglesby


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Art Oglesby
8:14pm 17 March 2013

WOW, I am four days late getting this in and still can say I finished in third place, lol.

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