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Andrew's Design Narrative

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Andrew Marriott
23 March 2013

Title Moodle VLE induction training


This is a design narrative on a potential / future learning design (as my past roles have not involved delivering teaching). The design narrative is therefore not based on real past experience but on an expected future situation. My role in this learning exercise would be to design a induction / introduction training session to new academic staff on the key relevant feature of the Moodle VLE platform so as to potentially inform their future use of the platform.


The training is for a small group (3-6) people who are highly qualified academic specialists in their specific subject area but who are expected to have little or limited knowledge of online learning environments in general and the Moodle platform in particularly. The learning is expected to be in a F2F situation, probably over a day, in a equipped training room on campus with interactive whiteboard and ideally 3-6 PCs for direct access to the VLE. The key actors would be the Head of Department to whom the new staff report, myself as the training designer / presenter and possibly HR training specialist/s to input from the official HR side. The provision of local training outside HR is a unknown area and potential issues over the respective input to the training design process are unknown. There are also potentially issues in the new academic staff's response to and engagement with the training as the high level of qualifications within their subject specialism may give rise to reluctance to attend and effectively participate in what might be perceived as low level training.


The objective of the training was to give new academic staff a broad overview of the features of the Moodle VLE system and to sufficiently engage them with platform so that they would be receptive and proactive in deploying the platform in their own learning designs. The measure of success would be an increase in the use of the VLE platform amongst this group of academics compared with other academic staff.


Actions that would be expected to be taken are:

Appropriate liaison with new academic staff to agree a date where all will attend so as to head off any issues with the staff members claiming unavailability and so undermine the overall objectives and targets of the training.

Appropriate liaison with the central HR training staff to ensure that relevant HR policies and procedures are incorporated so as to offset potentially concerns at a later date

Careful analysis of the key features of the Moodle platform to identify the features that are most useful / relevant to the new academic staff and the wider institution re future learning design development. This is possibly in conjunction with initial discussions with the new staff themselves, the Head of Department and the HR people.

The definition of the learning design for the day in terms of how / when to cover the different aspects and what activity to use with the staff and what facilities are needed to ensure effective learning took place. Possible issues to address include the timing for each feature, how to engage the new staff so they feel comfortable using  the features themselves later

Defining what further support is needed / required to ensure the learning continues independently after the main training session

Locating the technology side re the platform within a wider concept of the learning process for the students


As this is describing a future learning narrative this heading is somewhat problematic. Hopefully the staff will be sufficiently engaged with the potential of the Moodle platform to incorporate it into their future learning as appropriate so as to benefit student learning. The outcome would ultimately be improved students results, retention and subsequently recruitment.


Again problematic given that it is a future learning narrative. An expected key area of insight would be the new staff's engagement with the technology in the training / classroom session environment and the interaction between staff who have different previous levels of experience with the platform and how that dynamic was / could be used to aide the learning of all the staff involved.



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Andrew Marriott
21:43 on 23 March 2013

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