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Brendan's review of representations

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Brendan Hurley
24 March 2013

"Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template

The content presented using this representation was relatively easy to understand but no background information is provided.  Important design considerations such as 'context', 'material' and 'social' are not referred to at all. 

It also doesn’t seem to support collaboration.

"Healthy Eating" as a 4SPPIces Model

The obvious difference between this representation and all the rest is that it has been integrated into a web based program.  This allows social sharing, co-editing and commenting which means it’s much easier for designer to exchange ideas and it encourages participation.

The use of tabs means that all the information does not have to presented on a single page so the designer can go into much greater detail on important issues like space, history, participants etc.

I registered on the demo site and found it very intuitive

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