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Be Mobile Travellers/ Interactive workshop

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Arianna Mazzeo
25 March 2013

Design and Cultures brings together key thinkers and practitioners involved in making and theorizing our contemporary material and immaterial world: its ritual, its aesthetics, behaviours and interactions.

The interactive worshop series I was running around universities, Living labs, Innovation Centers and Teachers Tranings communities, pretend to make a shift in the way users conceptualize, envisage, engage in object culture by a personal mobile journey. Designers are now invite to map their personal environment,using a mobile phone as artifact as likely to engage in social science and research tecniques.Once on intuitive process, gauging cultural relevance of the context the multiple pathways they suppose to live, people involved become part of a burgeonning area, design ethnography. Human focus on everyday practices and a wiki space as common working scenario, are essential tools in interpreting the complex implications of culture as prosumer of globalized values, as much as designers and users, in a social understanding of 21st century interplay of our technologically mediated culture and designer’s observation.

Social Learning Environment means grow up with users needs, creativity and shared experiences.Improve the capacity to anticipate future skill requirements, using a combination of formal and no-formal education in a coordinated way, is my main interest. Employability, Inclusion by design, chances for all. Ready to share? 

We are waiting for your active participation and feedbacks.

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