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Amanda Everitt's review of representations (H800 A2a)

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Amanda Everitt
25 March 2013

Healthy eating as a 4TS model

This is a glammed up version of the textual form of the “lesson plan”, with content somewhat condensed. Actions and objectives are included in circles and squares, and it is easy to drag ones’ eye across what needs to be done. This would be very easy for the experienced teacher/instructor to refer to during the lesson as it is colourful and states what needs to be done e.g. working out how many students need to be in how many groups. The only drawback would be lack of space to add further detail/list comments or stimulation of further learning design processes such as details of social interaction to look out for, pedagogy and recording of results.

Healthy eating as a 4sppices model

This web based resource has a lot of additional features such as tagging, sharing and tabs to split up different areas. It is also easy to see at one glance the process, with the addition of allowing additional text /comments unlike the 4TS model. However the P1, P2, P3 labels might  be a tad confusing and colour/shapes might better represent this function.

These models would be adequate for expressing my learning design as it would ensure that I stick to a learning design that has been agreed prior, and enable me to go through the stages in the actual lesson without going off task. I would also be able to store and share these models with colleagues and other students and keep a solid record of proceedings. If I was able to add student details, comments, photos and films, even better.

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