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Learning Design Narrative For Web Support Training Programme

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Julia Killen
25 March 2013

Auto Enrolment Web Support Training Programme


Julia Killen, My role in this narrative is as Training & Development Consultant who designed and delivered a comprehensive training programme to meet the organisation's Auto Enrolment requirements


The requirement is to train 100 new recruits within a 18 month period to an excellent self supporting standard for a pension & web support call centre to meet the requirements of the new UK Auto Enrolment Legislation using the organisations current online technology. The following conditions applied:

  • The only venue available is a computer training room with 10 desks with PCs, a flipchart, overhead projector.
  • 10 Pcs in the training room would require a suite of new software instalation 
  • All new recruits would require access to several secure LANs and secure Applications which could take up to 3 weeks to complete.
  • The Comprehensive Training Programme that contains 50 modules takes a minimum of 7 weeks to deliver.
  • There is only 1 trainer experienced in all aspects of the programme


The aim is to have fully recruited and have 60 Help Desk Agents tested and deemed as fully competent by the business by the end of 2013. This is still in progress. The measures of success are:

  • The Number of recruits passing the programme
  • The quality of the recruit's calls and customer service as assessed by the Quality Assesors
  • Customer Feedback


  1. Training Needs Analysis of the Call Centre Requirements of their top agents
  2. Design of modules to address requirements
  3. Timings of each module or process
  4. One Programme would last 7 weeks
  5. Within 12 months deliver 7 programmes = 75 recruits
  6. Rebuilt all 10 PCs within Training Room
  7. Installed appropriate software & Applications
  8. Designed a robust planning tool 
  9. Developed an Access Request Management Process to effectively manage all access requests for all recruits.
  10. Informed recruitment of the schedule for advertment through to selection.
  11. Review and update all materials prior to use
  12. Check system access prior to all modules.
  13. Issue schedule to allow prep time before and after each training day


By the above measures the programme is a sucessful programme as we have so far 30 recruits passing quality competency level assessments which is currently a 100% success rate. It is a very intensive programme that incorporates several types of learning activities and modules which requires constant review and update to stay inline with legislation. As a result of this programme I won an award for ECCS European Support Professional of the Year 2012


There is a lack of training resource. It relies heavily on one trainer. Delegate sickness and Trainer sickness was not catered for. Also desk space after leaving the training room was also not catered for. Should include evaluation time for the trainer and also feedback time with the delegates and line managers. Sign off and Competency Evaluation still retained by business team receiving the recruits. 

Training Session Plans:

For learning design purposes I have chosen a Web Tool module that I deliver as part of the 7 week comprehensive training programme. Attached are the training session plans for this module using CompendiumLD & Pedagogical Patterns Collector 

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WS Website Course Compendium v2

WS Website Course Compendium v2

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WS Website Course Session Design PPC

WS Website Course Session Design PPC

added by Julia Killen


Avril sweeney
10:21am 27 March 2013

Morning Julia, it sounds complicated and resource hungry?

Dave Martin
11:07am 3 April 2013

As Avril says clearly to maintain training that is this complex and that must stay up to date requires a continuing investment of resource.

Could this be a weakness of Learning Design for your business context or can you see a way in which this degree of updating can be captured and shared?

Julia Killen
2:26pm 7 April 2013

I was hoping that this course would provide me with some new ideas as to how technology could make certain elements a less resource hungry and easier to maintain. 

Maxine Armstrong
11:53am 14 April 2013

Hi Julia, Congratulations on your award, it certainly seems to be a complex training programme.

Making allowances for sickness and other situations that inhibit or defer the training, for the lecturers or students, seems to be very important to me as I see it regularly at work. I think a learning design or model needs to allow some flexibility to be able to cope with contingencies.

A lack of training resources I think is a common problem and I am also hoping that this course will offer some solutions.

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