Avril Sweeney's Design Narrative, using the instant messenger to share whiteboards to instruct a colleague on the LMS

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Avril sweeney
25 March 2013

Design narrative template


Using the whiteboard feature in the Instant messenger to share screens with a colleague - teaching/instructing the colleague on the LMS system training requirements .

Narrator Avril Sweeney

What was your role in the story?



Describe the physical, social and intentional factors that define the design space. E.g. where and when did this occur? In what kind of space? Who were the key actors, and what were the relations between them? What where the beliefs and desires which shaped their interaction?

There was a physical space that divided the narrator and the colleague. The colleague was in the main office building and the narrator was located in a different area of the office.  The intention was to use the instant messenger to chat informally using the Im feature and then to use the whiteboard to share work screens for information and instruction purposes.The beliefs and desires that shaped the interaction was a shared learning management system and the training percentages which were low.


What were you trying to achieve? What was your measure of success?

We were trying to achieve a percentage increase in training percentages for the colleague using the share screen option on the instant messenger. The measure of success was that the colleague would be able to log on the the lms system to successfully complete his training without the narrator calling to his desk.  If the share screens option worked using the instant messenger successful teaching/understanding took place therefore the colleague was able to complete his training on line after the online demonstration of what he had to do on the LMS.


contact  colleague using instant messenger

Explained to colleague how to share screens in the instant messenger

used the telephone and the instant messenger to engage colleague in actions using Instant messenger

shared workscreens and commenced teacher-learner demonstration on LMS system

List the actions you took in chronological order, note their effects – expected and unexpected. Highlight any obstacles you encountered, and explain how you tried to overcome them.

effects- successful learning outcome - percentages increased for colleague as he logged in to the lms to complete his training. Sent colleague an email and reengaged later in the today. Obstacles- time as colleague was busy. I tried to overcome obstacles by keeping in contact on the instant communicator and email during the day to keep colleague engaged and to re-set time later in the day to meet on line to commence sharing of screens.

unexpected - server slow - had to re-attempt to log on as server slow


expected; colleague to engage and share screens to complete training

Unexpected - colleague was busy with meetings and answering phonecalls.

to a great extent I met my objectives - persevered and made contact and connected with colleague using several mediums throughout day, e-mail, phone, instant messenger,

Additional outcomes-  close out of training percentages that were low.

Evidence- confidential work related

List the expected and unexpected outcomes of your actions. To what degree did you meet your objectives? What additional outcomes did you engender? Provide evidence to back your claims.


Reflect on your experience. What transferable insights did you gain?

technology needs to be explored to find ways to achieve the learning outcome. Patience is required by both narrator and colleague as the server can be slow to bring up the shared screens.  Reflecting back, the colleague found it very helpful but a bit time consuming. The benefit of exploring and trialing technology in different ways such as using the chat feature, sharing work screens, inviting other colleagues to join the conversation - need to explore if several colleagues at once can share screens - will try this this week to see if it works- if so it will be a great way to work on a project behind the scenes in the background to achieve successful learning outcomes - note to self to try this out.

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