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Alan Payne
26 March 2013

ISiS model and ScenEdit tool

 The ISIS model and ScenEdit tool are based on a goal-oriented approach. ScenEdits visuals help a lot to understand where this design is coming from and aiming to go. The supporting text although readable is quite academic in its language and dose not reflect the down to earth and simple output that ScenEdit seems to produce.

This tools expressiveness relies on ScenEdits graphical representation of the designs Actors, Locations, Resources and Tools. It clearly lays out these four areas, which are populated with graphical representations of their content.

Relying heavily on graphics but being able to deliver PDF or web based documentation to either teacher or student it seems able to communicate the many facets of a design with some clarity or giving an overall view of the project.

This design representation is not far off what I do already but without ScenEdit. We have the same groups but with different names i.e. Actors = Stake Holders and the design space usually starts with paper and ends up in a word document where we add pictures as well as text.

I like ScenEdit a lot and will be looking into how we could use it in our design process. So the benefit would be a tool that brings together in one place what we are doing on paper and word.

e-Design Template 

Much easier to read and understand but then is it designed for novice designers. Its not backed up by any specific software tool and so could rely on technology that the user is familiar with.

This tools expressiveness will rely on what the designer’s level of skill in their chosen design tool. This could be pen and paper or advanced Excel skills.

It’s far less structured than the other tools, which makes me wonder how useful it would be for a novice designer of courses. It lacks a collective work space as it lacks any specific tools for designing which could be a strength or weakness depending on the software tools available to the designer in their workspace are.

This tool is a little to simplistic for how I design, and there are no benefits in its structure.

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