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Ashleigh's Comparison of Healty Eating Design Representations

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Ashleigh Brownsmith
26 March 2013

"Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template 'v' "Healthy Eating" in Web Collage

The e-Design template is easy to read and understand.  Tasks can be broken down easily and placed onto the grid in the appropriate place.  With each task the designer is prompted to think about the type of task it is, the length of the task and the assessment.  As the student progresses through the course the lesson plans will change from focussing mainly on items on the left of the grid, towards those that appear on the right.  As such, this allows for easy analysis of the course (by either the course developer or an external), to see if the desired move to self-organised learner activities.  The Web Collage is less clear (some may even say confusing), with lessons being represented pictorially.  Whilst this allows an immediate overview (assuming a reasonable working knowledge of the symbols used) it lacks content for the lesson – activity length; user-created resources; access to the whiteboard; etc, cannot be specified

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