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Paul's Representations

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Paul Bailey
26 March 2013

In your review, compare the two representations you selected. Note:

Their ‘readability’ (i.e. the ease with which you understood the content)

  • ScenEdit: I like thisAn initial high level description of the activities in the order in which they’ll occur, with a detailed, visual backed up with text description of the activity is very useful.
  • E-Design Template: Very good, clear, linear approach

Their expressiveness:

  • ScenEdit: It’s not immediately obvious how this works but the following a demo of ScenEdit ( on YouTube which gives more detail – the tool is very visual, and I can imagine it being quite easy to explain to someone how each of the learning objectives were going to be met through the activities and then it’s good to have each of the requirements ‘totalled’ up in a summary page.
  • E-Design Template: The overall high level model ‘Best Practice Principals for E-Learning’ is obviously very expressive as very visual but actual detail of the design through the template is text based so less expressive.

Their utility (i.e. their usefulness in communicating important aspects of the design):

  • ScenEdit: The fact that it’s text based means that it’s not as easy to pick out relevant bits.  
  • E-Design Template: the template would be useful present learning design options in a format that allows an organisation aiming to deliver more learning through self directed student led ‘pull’ (rather than push) type learning programmes (i.e. like mine!) see that learning design is supporting their direction. It would also be a good tool to review existing materials.

Consider these representations from the perspective of the learning design you documented in Activity 1.

Are they adequate for expressing your design?

Both would be adequate: you would need to ensure that the person reading knew how to use ScenEdit whereas that’s not an issue with the e-learning template.

What would be the benefits of using these representations for your design? Explain.

ScenEdit: I see the benefit of this one in its clear presentation: easily allowing you to explain your design to someone, or to allow a teacher to easily pick out the relevant bits during their lesson. They would need access to  computer (can you print the pages out?)

E-Learning Template: Where I work people are used to seeing designs represented in a format such as the e-learning template (i.e. text based). My design was mainly teacher led; the e-learning template might be helpful in highlighting that some of the learning could have been delivered outside the classroom (e.g. the didactic part) with discussion in the classroom. If there was more e-learning in my design, the e-learning template would be helpful in understanding the level of expectation on the student to engage in self directed learning, and therefore to ensure that infrastructure support that (e.g. Moodle / MLE etc).

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