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Tom Hopper
27 March 2013


It is easy to understand and follows a linear model of what will happen in the lesson, when it will happen, who will be doing it and what they'll need. It looks a lot like the basic lesson plan I was taught to use when I first started teaching. I'd add another column - let's call it a fifth T - thoughts - and use it for ideas about what can will go wrong - what students will misunderstand, what questions need to be asked to guide their ideas, key learning points that need to be emphasized, and stuff like that. 


This is lexically dense and would probably have a very low readability score. It seems to have been created to help "practitioners and designers to recognize those relevant issues that could affect their final scenario design." However, without greater emphasis on what and why something is being learned, I think many issues might get missed, so for me, as a design learning tool, this seems incomplete, so I'd want a fifth section in the circle which would be about aims, sub-aims, skills development, etc

Apllying These to My Learning Design

Neither really apply, because my learning design was limited to simply asking whomever was in class to tick some boxes and write some comments on a form.

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