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Natasha's representations - 4T's and Design Principles Database

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Natasha Nickson
27 March 2013

Here is my comparison of the two models.

1. Their ‘readability’ (i.e. the ease with which you understood the content)

4T's model - once I had read the notes that accompanied the diagram, I found the diagram easy to read.  It is a type of lesson plan, using 'swim lanes' for each of the 4T's, and boxes & circles to break down the 4T's into manageable chunks.

Design Principles Database - I found this quite difficult to understand as it talks about the design principles involved but it doesn't seem to really relate to the Healthy Eating lesson at all, just some features which are probably true of many learning situations.

 2. Their expressiveness

4T's - I found the diagram to be expressive.

Design Principles Database - Not expressive at all!

3. Their utility (i.e. their usefulness in communicating important aspects of the design).

4T's - I can see that this can be used to create comprehensive and clear lesson plans.  The diagram shown is only one way of using the model, which can be adapted to suit different learning situations.  It could be quite a flexible model to use.

Design Principles Database - I could see this being used if you had to write a paper about a learning event, but I would find it difficult to use to help me design anything.


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