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Emma Blake - TES course design

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Emma Blake
27 March 2013

Title: TES Training


I was trained up on an exercise and training system along with the rest of my department, there were a number of people missing on the day who also needed the training, and as a trainer myself I was asked to train those people in the system.


The training took place in the board room as it was the only room available at such short notice. I started to realise the extent of the task that I had been set as when I was trained on this system it was by the specialists in the software, I had three days training myself and was sharing a pc with another colleague. I usually pick up systems fairly quickly, but this training had a number of issues that needed to be sorted out before the training could take place:

1)   A suitable training room

2)   Support from IT to network some laptops and support the software and internet access

3)   Finding the time to improve my knowledge of the system

4)   Writing a suitable course to include the key features in one day instead of three


My task was to train the ten missing members of my department in the exercise and training system, so that they would then be able to incorporate it into their future exercises. Up until now all of their planning and injects had been done on paper and using runners, this system would automate some of this and I knew that there would also be resistance to this change, so I needed the training to go smoothly and the system to work properly on the day.


By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to log on and navigate around the TES system
  • Demonstrate setting up different types of injects and be able to create an exercise using TES
  • Assemble the TES kit and dismantle it into box

Course Programme


09:30               Introduction to course

09:45               Logging on and Navigating around TES

v  How to log onto the TES system

v  Familiarisation with the Modules in TES

v  Using the Web Cameras

10:45               BREAK

11:00               Setting up an Exercise

v  Adding Injects

v  Running an Exercise

v  Adding Notes and Using Hotwash

11:30               TES Equipment

12:00               Lunch

12:30               The Client Manager module

TES Practice

14:30               Breaking down of the equipment                   

14:45               Round-up & Questions

15:00               END OF DAY


1)   Familiarisation with the system and how to set up the equipment

2)   Contact the suppliers to send an engineer for some coaching in the system

3)   Find a free training room to run the course and agree a date with the delegates

4)   Contact IT for help with setting up the hardware and software in the room and agree some technical support on the day

5)   Contact the suppliers and agree some telephone support on the day and the use of their remote email server

6)   Write the training course including setting the Aim and Objectives, Course programme, tutor notes and handouts

7)   Obtain internet access for the laptops being used for the course

8)   Test the training course with a dry run through with another trainer from my team

9)   Set up the training room the day before the course

10)               Run the training Evaluate the course

11)               Hand the course over to the Exercises team


I achieved all of these objectives but came up against some unexpected issues. In order for the system to work correctly the participants needed to be able to send emails through the system from the laptops and through their blackberries, this all worked correctly but the email exchange was situated with the supplier as I wasn’t allowed to put this training system onto my organisations network, their email exchange server failed on the day of the training despite the fact that they had promised to support the training at their end, the emails therefore bounced back and this caused some negative reactions from the group. The language on the system wasn’t the same as their exercise terminology and despite having a jargon buster they felt that the system should be amended to fit in with their current way of doing things rather than the other way around.

One of the delegates had been involved in the procurement of this system and had been overruled and so they were determined not to like the system, so their negativity had to be managed on the day.


On reflection I feel that the technical training that I did worked, but there were factors that were outside my control with the technical issues that I encountered. I felt also that the buy in for the delegates for this system should have come senior managers in my department rather than having to spend the day trying to persuade people that the system was a good idea. If I did this again I would have pushed for a longer time frame so that I could sort out any technical issues properly before the course and to manage the change and resistance outside of the training room. The feedback on the day was positive and the objectives were achieved as all the delegates proved that they could use the system to set up an exercise and set up and break down the equipment. On the other hand only 25% of the exercise managers have actually used the system within their exercises.

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Kerry O'Hanlon
11:41am 1 April 2013

A very interesting, well thought-out design. I would love to know how you 'managed' the negativity. This is so common amongst professionals when they are being trained in someting new, often because they are resisting the change. Any insights would be great.

Tomasz Czepiel
7:39am 10 April 2013

intersting and informative.  I think you could have included what TES stood for at the very beginning (you used 'an exercise and training system close to the start which I did not link). 

The course programme and actions were clear and informative. 

Why do you think that only 25% of the individuls use the system? 

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