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Jane's review of design represenations

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Jane Wagstaff
27 March 2013

4Ts Model

I found the 4T’s Model straightforward and easy to understand, mainly because it is of similar structure to the session plans I am used to. To me, if the activity is going to be delivered by varying tutors and/ or in varying locations, this model is more transferable than others, easy to follow and therefore reduces the time needed to plan and organise the activity but isn’t so prescriptive that the tutor can’t use a bit of imagination and personal style in their delivery. I suppose, in a way, that takes away from the ‘expressiveness’ of the model, but I think if the delivery method and the facilitator are effective then that can be a good thing.


E-Design Template

This model particularly appealed to me because its purpose is to develop the learners in such a way that they become responsible for their own learning rather than relying on tutor-centric activities which are difficult in an online learning environment. The description of the model is fairly easy to understand (and a good diagram always helps!) and the E-Design Template table clearly shows the level to which the activity can take a learner towards being ‘self-organised’. This also opens up the activity to further development, encouraging the designer to think of ways the activity can be amended/ extended to cover all four principles, if it hasn’t already. Regarding the utility of the model, however, I think t is a little lacking in detail. I would particularly like to make it more specific as to what resources and locations were required at each stage in the activity.

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