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Henry Fuller's First Attempt at a Design Narrative

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Henry Fuller
27 March 2013


Designing an e-Learning Module on Nasogastric Tube Insertion and On-going Care for Adults


The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) highlighted the on-going incidents occurring from misplaced nasogastric feeding tubes. It was decided that an e-learning module was appropriate to deliver the theoretical knowledge required for the insertion and management of nasogastric tubes.


The e-Learning had to be accessible over Leeds Teaching Hospitals (LTH) systems, whilst using a range of multimedia to break away from the existing ‘page-turning’ examples, predominant within the Trust. The e-Learning had to incorporate a user-friendly design to accommodate for a wide range of technical competencies.

A validated evaluation tool was used to measure behavioral change resulting from the successful completion of the e-learning module.


  • Designing learning objects and user-friendly interface
  • Integrating the e-learning as part of a blended approach to multi-disciplinary education
  • Setting up a steering group to ensure the clinical and educational accuracy of the e-learning content
  • Recording videos detailing the correct, insertion and position checking process
  • Analysing behavioural change following successful completion of the module


A large number of students reported that the module improved job performance and enabled them to think through problems. The quality of the system was also highly rated, described as easy to use; user friendly; interactive, attractive and provided high speed information access.


A situational learning approach to e-Learning can be used effectively to change behaviour in relation to NPSA Patient Safety Alerts and can form part of a multi-faceted package to reduce the incidents that arise from nasogastric tube placement. The collaborative nature of this work has enabled shared learning across the region.

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