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H800 Week 8/9 Activity 2a: Colin's Review of Representations

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Colin Brown
27 March 2013

I looked at the e-design template and the web collage.

e-Design Template

It was intuitive and easy to engage with the e-design template.  It has a good balance between narrative and visuals: the text is well structured and cogent and presents 4 key principles for e-learning.  There is a clear rationale derived from evidence and translated into a conceptual model offering step-wise progression with the balance shifting from teacher-led to student-led across 8-9 weeks (in this example).  There is then a grid with each of the 4 principles allowing the learning activity to be mapped on the basis of timings, objectives, relationships, opportunities for assessment and use of technology.  However, as the learning activity was largely face-to-face mapping was really only possible against two dimensions.  The focus appeared to be on the conceptual model, principles and grid with the 'health eating' featuring as an illustrative of a concept rather than as the focus of the analysis.

Web Collage

The web collage is much denser in terms of text and narrative to the point of being impenetrable with much more technical/academic language and with an overly complex graphic which looks like a diagram of a central heating system.  I didn't get it - but I didn't really try very hard either.  I struggled to work out what the authors were attempting to express and this, for me, severely diminished the utility of the design representation.

My Own Learning Design

In consideration of my own learning design as documented in Activity 1, I would use the e-design template which I believe could potentially work well and which would make me think through much more explicitly what I planned to happen rather than having a reasonable idea and seeing how things go.  I wouldn't touch the web collage.

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