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Henry Fuller's Cloudquest

Cloud created by:

Henry Fuller
27 March 2013

How many people with the firstname "Patrick" are registered with cloudworks?


How many people are registered with cloudworks from "The Open University"?

433–although because the input field was free form to list your institution, there were a lot of variations of ‘Open University’. E.g. Open University UK, OU, Open Uni, Open U, Oopen University etc.

How many people are following Rebecca Galley?


Name three of the people Juliette Culver is following

Martin Wellar, Emma Johnstone, Jenny Tester

Find an interesting cloud on collaborative learning

Find a cloudscape that was set up for a conference

Find a cloud you think is particularly interesting, say why you like it

I am interested in the topic of personal learning environments (PLEs) and the concept of self-regulated learning. ROLE (Responsive Open Learning Environments) sounds like and interesting project and I have joined their LinkedIn group to keep up with its development.

What can you find in the site on mindmapping tools?


What kinds of clouds and cloudscapes have been tagged with the word "twitter"?

Clouds relating to the effectiveness of Twitter as a learning tool

What's the latest cloud that has been added to the site?

H800 - Paul's Design Narative - It’s a Fair Cop

What is the latest link that has been added to the flash debate cloudscape?

"Eliminate is discriminatory. Users need to download toe .jnlp client and have up to date Java. In... added to What works best and when : Elluminate or Flashmeeting? Or none of the above? by Judy Bloxham 2 days ago

What three words would you use to describe cloudworks?

Social, Jumbled, Bland

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