Being a 2.0 researcher

Talk by Gráinne Conole

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Doug Clow
10 February 2009

Presented her personal digital environment (like a PLE - Personal Learning Environment) - the technologies she uses on a daily basis. Includes Word, Google, Wordpress, Keynote, Twitter, SMS, Audacity, Lyceum, Elluminate. Mobile broadband, iPhone, laptop, camera, portable hard disk.


Technology environment is changed; it's evolutionary but is a step-change over the last few years.


The social environment around these tools is also changing rapidly. Co-evolution of technology and oral and symbols.


Projects actively looking at this: OU Learning Design initiative, Compendium, Cloudworks, Pedagogy schema, OLnet. And Cohere.


Discussion about relationship between journal articles, blogging, and Twitter, etc. What gets reputation, recognised as quality?

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