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Elluminate tutorials for Psychology students

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Susan Rattray
28 March 2013

I am an Associate Lecturer with the Open University, teaching on Psychology modules at first and second level. 

Over the past 2 years I have been offering Elluminate tutorials to supplement and replace the face to face tutorials that students are offered.   I have found that there are some topics that Elluminate can handle reasonably well - the more practical sessions such as acquiring skills using SPSS or conducting a thematic analysis. and some that don't.   I would love to hear from others on the subject.

I would like to find ways of making the experience less about the technology and more about the subject matter.   I don't have a particular pedagogical approach in mind,  although student activity is an important element.

I would also like to see whether I can develop some basic study skills sessions - eg. essay writing, critical thinking,  and would welcome collaboration with anyone else with similar interests. 

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