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Deborah Judah's Design Narrative: e Assessment Conference Online

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Deborah Judah
28 March 2013


I organised an e assessment conference online using Elluminate which was aimed at staff in the post-16 education sector


As an eLearning advisor working for the Jisc Regional Support Centre I was the lead organisor of the first online conference we have organised. The conference took place over 3 days in the first week of December and we used Elluminate as the medium. I worked with 2 other people in my organisation and we had presenters from the UK and Australia. The idea was to provide a conference where people could explore aspects of e assessment and and by using an online forum it was possible to open it up to people throughout the UK. We provided a mix of presentations from academics, Jisc Services and vendors.


We wanted to provide up to date information about eAssessment and enable debate between the presenters and delegates. Another action was to give the delegates the opportunity to participate in a conference online.


  1. Planned the conference using mindmap tools
  2. Outlined outcomes for delegates and outcomes for the Jisc RSC
  3. Booked the Ellluminate sessions
  4. Delegated tasks to the members of the organisation who would be involved in the conference
  5. Approached and booked the presenters - we planned a presentation from an academic, a Jisc service and a vendor each day. In addition there was a keynote on the first day and end of last day.
  6. The plan was the people could sign up for the whole conference or parts of it


We had over 60 delegates participate in the conference; many of whom attended more than one workshop. As expected our organisation developed a good expertise in using Ellluninate to provide a conference. It was unexpected that most of the  delegates were not from the Yorkshire and Humber area (which is the region our organisaiotn supports) however we got a good mis from all the sectors or post-16 education. We felt that we met the objectives and this was evidenced byt the feedback we received from the post conference survey. 


The reflection on the experience was that personally it was a success and I felt I had achieved something I had set out to do and seen it from conception to delivery. As an organisation we learned that there were a few issues to iron out when having an online conference. We had offered presenters a practice session but not all of these took it up.  In a future conference we will make this compulsary so that some of the issues that arose could be avoided.

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