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What does educational output mean?

Talk by Martin Weller, Researcher 2.0 workshop, 10th February

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Gráinne Conole
10 February 2009

Scale of youtube and other user-generated content channels. Range of outlets and publication mechanisms.

You can't predict what will be useful to people. 

It's not just about open content but about shifting to an open mindset. 

iCasting - create YouTube videos and embed in a blog or send a microtweet. Aggregate and share content with others.

What about quality? balance of high quality and cost vs. lower quality but more, can we harness more the power of sharing. 

Building on collective expertise of others. 

What is the fundamental aim of publishing - is it about RAE credits or is it more about sharing of ideas. Martin feels you get more benefit and feedback through blogospheres.  Higher readership of blogs cf. with journal papers.

The cost of sharing has disappeared - buy we act as if it hasn't!

Have we taken on board the implications of free content as educational institutions?

'Find your inner geek'!!! Just use and play with the technologies. Try thinking of using a different medium rather than the default of a report - would a movie be more meaningful than a 50-page report?


Look to sharing as your default practice. Tension between what is best for the educational community - ie sharing and what might be best for the individual or the institution.


Call for the Year of future learning

Distributed reseach?

Distributed community around shared exploration of the issues and questions.


Range of activities - interesting questions generated by the community, blog postings, live events, elluminate sessions, flash debates in twitter, a wiki/blog collecting all of this material together 

End of year review



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Embedded Content


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