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Emma Blake
29 March 2013

Healthy eating in an e-design template

This was over nine weeks and linked it to increasing diversity of interaction and assessment over four categories, self organised learner, facilitated investigation, guided exploration and active induction. The diagram showed the four stages quite clearly with what was expected at each level and then the table had mapped some activities against these categories, although there didn’t seem to be anything for Guided exploration or facilitated investigation in this example. It could be used for face to face and e-learning style courses and said it could be a one day or a longer program.

I think that this model could be quite restrictive as it is very basic in its design principles and doesn’t seem very creative it doesn’t account for different types of authoring tools or methods that could be used, it mentions guided exploration but doesn’t mention the types of interactive learning that could be used, the table only mentions watching a video, group work or guided questions, it doesn’t mention how to create a scenario, interactive questioning, linking into online collaborative tools.

I don’t think this model would be useful for me, it is good for basic course design and seems to lend itself more to face to face classroom learning.

Web Collage
This does seem to be a lot more complicated than the e-design template, it makes reference to  the fact that web collage can link into an LMS like  Moodle  ‘Web Collage can retrieve the list of participants from a LMS (such as Moodle), to later let the designer create groups and assign users to groups. Once this step has been completed, Web Collage, working alongside with GluePS! (Prieto et al., 2011), can deploy the learning design into the same LMS, creating the needed activities, groups, etc.’

Web collage seems to be a tool to help with the design of learning whereas the e-design template was just a template and not an actual system. It does seem to over complicate things to use a system to create this type of learning, as I think that scoping a design on paper and then building the course in an e-learning authoring tool is far simpler.

There is no link to the actual tool and so I can’t really comment on how easy to use web collage would be, the cloud only shows a diagram of the system and not actual screen shots of the system in use. Perhaps a video of the tool would be useful here. I would therefore not use Web Collage for my own course design.

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