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Graeme Arnott
29 March 2013

"Healthy Eating" as a 4 Ts model is my favoured selection.  In terms of readability it does appear to have been written by someone with a first language other than English and I stumbled over a few odd word selections and phrasing.  However, when these were overlooked I found this to be actually quite clear in what it wanted to convey.

I also found the diagram easy to read, almost like a spreadsheet. This made it seem like it would be rather an easy tool to use and would happily try this out.  In my design narrative I think it could also be used as a tool for reflection.

The 4Ts graphical representation places technology at the centre of the plan for online collaborative learning but I reckon that even in an offline learning situation the plan would still be effective.

"Healthy Eating" in an e-Design Template was, for me, the most readable of the selection.  The opening sentence set the tone with a sentence that said no more or less than it actually wanted to say.  Furthermore, its succinctness wasn’t simply an element in its readability but also an aid to its expression.  This will to be read was also visible in the illustrations of its principles.

I was, however, disappointed by the actual template.  Although it was a grid, and in that sense similar to the 4Ts model, it struck me as being too rigid in its limited categorizations.  I think it could be useful in certain, relatively stable, learning narratives but I’m not convinced it would be much use for my learning design narrative.

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