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Sabina's Healthy Eating Design Representations Review - Web Collage & CADMOS

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Sabina Crouch
31 March 2013



I found the Web Collage piece to be ‘less readable’ than Cadmos. The former seemed to be quite heavy on jargon and I it much harder to follow than Cadmos.  The Cadmospiece took the reader through the process in a clear and logical fashion and I found the diagrams added to understanding of the model whereas the Web Collage diagrams were not as clear


I found Cadmos to be more expressive although acknowledge that this may be to do with the difficulty I had in following the description of Web Collage. I particularly liked the ‘swim lanes’ which showed clearly the flow of the design. Having both conceptual and flow models enhanced the expressiveness


Both have acknowledged limits in utility with Web Collage failing to allow timings for activity and Cadmos not currently including all types of activity

I feel I could have used Cadmos to accurately represent my design. 

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