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Clare withers
1 April 2013


This is easy to read and uses a good amount of text and visuals to convey the message. It keeps the user focussed on throughout the tasks required to reach the overall goal. It is clear and is useful to use within a team. This would be beneficial to my work as it can be applied to a variety of situations not just learning environment.

eDesign template

This is easy to read as its aimed at novice eLearning designers. 

Its a straightforward tool and relies on the designers experience of other tools and software as it is not offering its own.

This tool is  not useful for me as it is specific to teaching whereas my role is more information based and less structured tthan this tool allows.

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Amanda Smith
7:59pm 1 April 2013

Hi Clare, I agree the 4T's does help the 'user to keep focused on the task' and why I found it particularly useful.

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